Chuck  began Field Express Delivery Company Inc. as an independent contractor in 1990.  In May, 1993, Chuck and Leigh purchased Augusta Delivery Service (ADS).  ADS mainly delivered furniture and appliances and had a courier route.  It operated one 15' box truck, one mini van, and one employee.  Chuck and Leigh continued the furniture and appliance deliveries and courier route and added dedicated industrial routes, hot shots, and a little air freight.  Chuck did most of the furniture and appliances deliveries and developing new business.  While Leigh ran the courier route, customer service and accounting.  ADS grew and added trucks. 

In 2003, Chuck and Leigh purchased their competition, Augusta Air Cargo.  Tragically, Chuck passed away in July, 2005 at the age of 43.  Chuck and Leigh worked side by side creating a family oriented business.  Leigh continues to operate the business at the same high standard.  Augusta Delivery Service currently has 42 delivery units ranging from cargo vans to tractor trailers, and 35 employees. 

Augusta Delivery Service | PO Box 211651, Augusta, GA 30917
phone 706-855-7343 or 706-793-5890 | fax 706-793-4343